Fall/winter style guide

Fall/winter style guide

Fall is such a wonderful time of year and we love modifying our capsule wardrobe for this beautiful cooler season. We love having our transitional and versatile essentials to add to our fall wardrobe.
December 01, 2022 — Melissa Segal
Together Segal Petite Fashion Brand Founders in Round Rock, TX at antique show

Our guide to Round Top

Feeling overwhelmed with what to wear and where to go during The Round Top Antiques Spring Show?  We've got you covered with our guide to one of the biggest shopping shows in Texas <...>
March 22, 2022 — Melissa Segal
Together Segal Petite Mara Dress - versatility at its finest!

Why a versatile dress?

What makes for a versatile dress and why is it so beneficial as a wardrobe essential in a woman's capsule closet? Versatility in clothing means that an item can be worn in many different ways <...>
March 09, 2022 — Melissa Segal
Amy Segal, co-founder of Together Segal, in her custom designed petite wedding dress for her wedding ceremony in Tulum

A wedding story

What do you do when you decide to seize the moment and set a wedding date about two months out?!? Take a deep breath, then another. A pandemic can be a reminder of how precious is the time we have to love and live on this earth <...>

February 23, 2022 — Amy Segal
Founders of the Daywear Petite Collection Together Segal

Sustainable fabric sourcing

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our fabrics, including from where we source them? Learn more about our latest fabric selection, a Cupro Linen Twill, from our newest textile partner, FabricSight, in Barcelona, Spain <...>

January 27, 2022 — Melissa Segal
Together Segal Navy Stella Dress in Laguna Gloria, Austin TX

Petite sizing

We have a simple mission in mind. To create intentional designs for our fellow petites. Our collection is designed with a petite frame in mind and features styles that elongate and flatter petite proportions. As petite women ourselves, <...>
February 10, 2021 — Melissa Dodge
Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices are always a work in progress and we will continue to commit our energy to researching and integrating sustainable best practices into our business processes while continuing to partner with companies that align with our "slow" values <...>
January 20, 2021 — Melissa Dodge
Together Segal Founders Amy & Melissa Wearing Day Dress in Laguna Gloria, Austin TX

Sustainable production

As a small business with "slow" brand goals in mind, we are always thinking about sustainable best practices. Finding new ways to reduce costs and waste through the production process while providing customers with designs they want is always on our mind <...>
December 30, 2020 — Melissa Dodge
Together Segal Sienna Dress in Sage, Laguna Gloria, Austin TX

Customer stories

One of our favorite things about being business owners is getting to know our customers who inspire us on a daily basis. We are so grateful and delighted to share some of our customers’ stories about their time at home...juggling it all! <...>
May 08, 2020 — Melissa Dodge
Together Segal Amy & Melissa Wearing Day Dress in Pedernales Falls in Austin, TX

Slow fashion

Slow fashion is a deliberate choice by consumers to slow down their consumption, and buy less, while investing in high quality pieces that last longer. It is the ethos of “buying fewer better things”, embracing individual style one piece at a time rather than chasing trends <...>
April 22, 2020 — Melissa Dodge
Together Segal White Sienna Dress in Pedernales Falls

Capsule wardrobe

As we’ve been adapting to our new epidemic-aware reality lately, making the necessary changes while also trying to be productive and positive and spring cleaning... it’s been quite nice to have more time to think about truly simplifying our lifestyle! <...>
February 26, 2020 — Melissa Dodge
Together Segal Amy & Melissa Wearing Day Dress in Winter, Pedernales Falls, Austin, TX

Linen style

Did you know linen isn't just for summer? We often think of linen as a warm weather textile, but turns out it's just as functional in colder months. Constructed out of hollow fibers, linen acts as a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summertime and warm in the dead of winter <...>
January 29, 2020 — Melissa Dodge