Together Segal Amy & Melissa Wearing Day Dress in Pedernales Falls in Austin, TX

Slow fashion is a deliberate choice by consumers to slow down their consumption, and buy less, while investing in high quality pieces that last longer. It is the ethos of “buying fewer better things”, embracing individual style one piece at a time rather than chasing trends.

Over the last several years, we have become more thoughtful about our choices in buying our clothes. We do buy “fewer better things”; we also make a conscious effort to take note of brand values, fabric choices and how and where a piece was made. Just like everything else in life, balance is key and it’s hard to think in terms of slow fashion and sustainability all the time, but it’s something we continue to consider as consumers and designers.

From a consumer standpoint, what helps us in this effort is constant spring cleaning. Every season, we go through our closets and determine what we want to keep and what we want to say goodbye to (or trade), just like Marie Kondo does in her practice. It’s so helpful in getting us back to our basics for everyday wear.

We are simplifying our wardrobe and resisting the consumer fashion craze. For us, it’s about having quality basics that we can always put on and feel our best. Not necessarily following a trend (that might or might not work for our body type) or buying an item because it’s on sale. Don’t get us wrong, finding a good bargain can still be a great achievement but not when it’s sacrificing quality or fit.

Spring cleaning also helps us determine what is missing from our closet. Maybe it’s a new jacket, sweater or dress. Whatever the item may be, determining what’s missing can help when deciding on our next purchase.

As designers, we created our collection with slow fashion in mind. We strive to provide women with quality basics that are timeless and minimal for everyday wear that will last for years to come. We take into consideration designs that provide longevity and timelessness, fabrics that are best for the environment and made from plant based fibers.

We think about zero waste and repairing or redesigning from current designs in addition to saving our scraps for other uses. We are certainly not experts in slow fashion, nor in the complex environmental issues within the fashion industry, but we are aware of our responsibility to continue to learn and be thoughtful about our design process, our fabric choices, our partners and our relationships to the people who cut and sew our clothes. Creating Together Segal has helped us move in this direction.

Our collection is about simplifying with less and finding joy in every piece you wear, helping conscious consumers embrace their individual style one piece at a time, which allows the creation of a capsule wardrobe.

April 22, 2020 — Melissa Dodge