Together Segal Founders Amy & Melissa Wearing Day Dress in Laguna Gloria, Austin TX

As a small business with "slow" brand goals in mind, we are always thinking about sustainable best practices. Finding new ways to reduce costs and waste through the production process while providing customers with designs they want is always on our mind.

"Made-to-order" slows down the process and allows us to not make more garments than is needed. In addition, it creates a more authentic and connected experience for the maker, the customer and their new garment.

Deciding to produce mindfully and minimally is a conscious choice and a way for us to pivot while still offering customers ethically made beautiful clothes. Although a global pandemic initiated this pivot of how we are choosing to make our clothes, it is something we value as we continue to talk about our goals for creating and maintaining a 'slow' brand.

"Made-to-order" has also allowed us to build strong relationships with our independent sewers and pattern makers here in Austin which not only reduces our carbon footprint but allows for a very authentic, close and trustworthy partnership.

One of our goals around sustainability is to continue with "made-to-order" through at least the first half of 2021. This doesn't mean we will offer "made-to-order" for all styles going forward but it will be part of our production plan as we continue to grow our business.


December 30, 2020 — Melissa Dodge