Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices are always a work in progress and we will continue to commit our energy to researching and integrating sustainable best practices into our business processes while continuing to partner with companies that align with our "slow" brand values. 

Our pillars:

Natural, eco-friendly materials:

We like the phrase ‘wear the nature.’ Our love for natural fabrics is seen throughout our collection and reflects our healthy way of living and protecting the environment. We focus on fabrics made from plant-based fibers sourced around the world that are nontoxic, gentle on your skin, and naturally biodegradable. Together Segal offers designs that not only feel good on the skin but also make you feel good to wear. That’s what we want for ourselves: to live in comfortable and natural clothes that are best for ourselves and our environment.

Neutral earth tones:

Nature has always been a huge inspiration for us when creating our designs. The natural elements of the desert, sunsets, cliffs, beach and cobblestone streets have been incorporated into our color story over and over. Neutral earth tones and natural woven fabrics offer minimalism and longevity in a woman’s capsule wardrobe.

Locally made:

Our clothing is designed, sewn, and made in Texas. We are creating and producing mindfully and minimally with a small team of talented independent pattern makers and sewers here in Austin, Texas. Keeping our team small and production local, supports skilled craftsmanship in our local community and allows us to build strong, long-term relationships while also giving us the opportunity for hands-on oversight throughout our entire design and production process. Close communication and our team’s expert feedback also allows for the best quality possible.

Slow Fashion = Reduce waste:

Small batch production and ‘Made-to-order’ has been a solution to help reduce costs and waste through the production process, while still providing customers with designs they want. Small batch and 'Made-to-order' slows down the process and allows us to not make more garments than are needed. In addition, it creates a more authentic and connected experience for the maker and the customer as well as an option for a custom fit. Fabric scraps from production are always saved for repurpose.

Honest, transparent supply chain:

When a larger production run is needed (still small, typically 50-100 units), and our local partners don’t have the capacity needed, we ask the questions and visit the production sites in and outside of Texas to ensure best practices are in place. We are thoughtful about partnering with ethical manufacturers who offer fair wage, fair treatment and good working conditions for their employees. Close proximity, our goal, to our production team reduces our carbon footprint. Regular in person visits with the production team ensures transparency in work conditions and quality of life.

Intentional design:

Our clothes are created to flatter a petite frame. We are also conscious about creating designs that eliminate fabric waste and provide longevity. Our designs are meant to be timeless, worn over and over and thoughtfully rediscovered throughout the years and every season. In harmony with those goals, we are conscious about enhancing the customer experience in the same intentional way. We want our relationships with our customers to be as comfortable as our clothes, with simplification, deep understanding, personal connection and authentic communication.

Plastic free, eco-friendly packaging:

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free, and handled, packed and shipped by human hands with lots of love and care. Eco friendly custom tissue by Noissue.

We created our collection with slow fashion in mind and strive to provide women with intentional designs and quality basics that bring joy and function and are timeless and minimal for everyday wear.

Together, we can all make a powerful impact by consciously and thoughtfully choosing the clothes we either make, buy or wear.


January 20, 2021 — Melissa Dodge