Together Segal Petite Fashion Brand Founders in Round Rock, TX at antique show

Have you experienced the Round Top Antiques Show before? It's one of the biggest events in Texas and offers great shopping, food and drinks, all in the beautiful countryside with a great small town feel. It's over two weeks of people flocking to Round Top, Texas, from across the U.S. to find treasures and a festival of epic proportions. It's a level of insanity rarely seen in the Texas countryside and The Round Top Antiques Fall Show is going on now, October 15-29, 2022, and we're popping up again for another full week of fun and festivities! Together Segal will be there the last week, October 22-29. 

Petite TogetherSegal Claire Dress in Mini length photographed on Priscilla in desert
Together Segal Customer at Round Rock antique show wearing Petite Claire Mini Dress

The Round Top Antiques Show is where you will also find fun fashion. We witnessed it all while participating as a maker in last year's Round Top Fall Antiques Show and the fashion is very much a part of the festivities. But the key to Round Top is not only dressing in Round Top style, it’s equally as important to dress comfortably and to be prepared for any kind of Texas fall weather! 

Feeling overwhelmed with what to wear and where to go? We've got you covered!

Our guide for what to wear and bring to the Round Top Antiques Fall Show

Dress comfortably stylish! Texas weather can be extreme and change overnight, but many days are picture perfect. Shoe choice and sun coverage are the most important decisions when it comes to staying comfortable while navigating the shows. 

  1. Comfortable shoes - sneakers or boots - from cowboy to rain boots to fringe to designer, boots are almost styled with everything from dresses to jeans/pants to shorts and skirts.
  2. Hat (and sunglasses)- any kind of hat will do but felt and woven hats are everywhere and can help keep you shaded from the sun.
  3. Cropped pants or jeans with a classic button up - styled with Birkenstocks, sneakers or boots of course! We recommend Together Segal Faye Pant, Ali Pant or Kara Pant paired with the Hannah Top.
  4. Stylish dresses that are comfortable and breathable for the warmer weather and can be layered with cooler weather - wear with boots, sneakers or Birkenstocks/sandals. We recommend our Together Segal Sienna dress, Nina dressClaire dressClaire Mini, the Mae dress, Stella dress, the Andi dress
  5. Raincoat, wrap, lightweight sweater or jacket - always good to have in case temperature drops or starts to rain. 
  6. Shopping bag - for water, sunscreen, snacks and all your goodies. Most vendors will have bags but it is always good to bring your own. 
  7. Snacks and water - you’ll find food trucks and drinks to sip at every venue but it’s always nice to have a snack and bottled water handy. 
  8. Your girlfriends or your significant other! - This event is made for a girls trip but can also be fun and productive to go on your own if you're on a mission for some finds. We have also found it can be a fun date weekend with your significant other. 
  9. A measuring tape and a list of items or spaces with measurements that you are trying to find to help in decision making. Bringing swatches of paint or material or photographs to help in color pairing or matching. 
  10. Cash! Although many dealers accept credit cards and checks, cash is always welcomed. There are banks located in Round Top and the surrounding areas of Carmine, La Grange, and Brenham, and some show sites have ATMS.
Petite Together Segal Dress photographed in Round Rock, TX
Together Segal Petite Fashion Brand Founders at Round Rock, TX Antique Show

Where to shop? 

The Round Top Antiques Show is massive and includes many shows to shop. Look up our favorites below!

  1. The Arbors Round Top 
    Together Segal located in Tent (D-1), Oct 22-29
  2. Market Hill Round Top 
  3. Blue Hills at Round Top 
  4. The Halles at Round Top
    Together Segal popping up evening of Oct 25th, 5-8pm
  5. Marburger Farm Antique Show 
  6. Big Red Barn 
  7. Rancho Pillow - A Current Affair 
  8. Excess Fields Round Top 
  9. Bader Ranch at Round Top 

Our favorite restaurants 

  1. Lulu’s 
  2. Garden Co.
  3. Ellis Motel - for drinks
  4. IL CUcuLo at Lulu’s 
  5. Market Hill Round Top - Duo Modern 
  6. Round Top Coffee Shop - other places to find coffee in Round Top
  7. Royers Pie Haven
  8. Round Top Smokehouse (BBQ)

Most shows will have Pop up food vendors but there are several restaurants in town. See more restaurants here and make a reservation in advance. 


Many parking areas are located between and behind the shows along SH 237. Most parking is free, but there are places that offer paid parking for a small fee—typically $5.

Navigating the show

If you come for a day trip, get started as early as possible. Since the shows span over an 11-mile stretch, traffic can slow down the process of getting from one spot to another. Drive to the furthest show and work your way backwards so you are only dealing with traffic on the way back. However, if you have favorite shows, start there first to get the best selection.

We hope our guide has helped and just remember, it's all about being prepared and having fun! We hope to see you at The Arbors Round Top Fall Show!!

Petite Together Segal Dress photographed on Jewelry Designer Laura in Round Rock
Petite Together Segal Dress photographed on Jewelry Designer Laura in Round Rock
March 22, 2022 — Melissa Segal