Together Segal White Sienna Dresses

One of our favorite roles as founders of Together Segal, is collaborating with other like minded, creative business entrepreneurs to bring something special and thoughtful to our customers. We are lucky to have connected with such a creative group of women entrepreneurs supporting each other here in Austin, TX.

Creative collaborations are not only fun for us, they also provide a great learning experience, providing growth opportunities for us as individuals and our company. The idea of bringing something unique and beautiful, in a small batch, to customers is exciting for us as designers and something we want to continue to explore. Natural dye has always been at the forefront of our minds. So much so that we bought a limited amount of prepared for dye fabric during our first few months of creating our brand, knowing a time would come to use it.

We are no experts at natural dye so when we met Mom and daughter duo, Carol and Melissa Hargus, from Soul Studio here in Austin, TX, we were beyond excited and inspired. Their organic sources and natural dye experience and processes, combined with their handmade techniques, create works of art with every unique outcome. We immediately began conversations with them about a collaboration and discussed colors we are drawn to that would tie nicely to our upcoming fall color story.

Next step: Finding someone to cut and sew a small batch.

Having 20 yards of prepared for dye fabric allowed us to limit how many pieces would be cut and sewn for this project, making it more special and unique for our customers. We found our partners for natural dye with Soul Studio but, in keeping things small, we needed someone who would be willing to cut and sew such a small project as our production partners require a higher minimum. Fortunately, Carol and Melissa had a woman in mind who started her own custom sewing and design company.

After meeting Vanessa, at Ronkita custom sewing and design, we were impressed with her entrepreneur skills and quality work so the cutting and sewing for an existing design of ours began.

The results are more beautiful than we could have imagined and the experience of a small batch, natural dye project was extremely rewarding in so many ways. Women supporting women, working together to bring something special to our customers is what it’s all about…...

September 22, 2019 — Melissa Dodge