Together Segal Amy & Melissa in Marfa, TX
Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to share our story with you and we thought it would be fitting to start with how we actually got to this point in our lives. The short answer is having a strong partnership, knowing how to execute and having confidence in knowing who we are. This along with having a relevant idea (to us) and having the conversation was a sure way to get us on our path to start a business. Having the conversation is so important. We talked about our idea to other people and in those conversations, we found an experienced pattern maker which helped to jumpstart our journey sooner than we ever thought possible.

A longer answer would be our combined professional and personal experiences over the last three decades. Each decade brought new experiences that have helped define who we are today as individuals. With business backgrounds, corporate jobs in Accounting/Finance and Marketing/Sales, to travel, to marriage/motherhood (for Melissa), finding balance and flexibility in our lives has given us the opportunity to think about what we truly value and what we want going forward.

We always knew we wanted to go into business together but timing and passions weren’t lining up until recently. We have always loved fashion but have had our own struggles with it as well. As petite women, we had challenges with finding the styles we loved to fit our petite stature. As we continued to shop at boutiques, we turned our frustrations into inspiration. We looked at each other and we said, “let’s design our own clothes!” We knew what we liked and the importance of fit. This was a relevant idea for us. It was personal. The last year has been living out a creative dream and it very quickly turned into a business opportunity to help other petite women. Not only do we care about fit, we care about quality, thoughtfulness, comfort and style and we are excited about where this creative journey takes us. We hope you continue to follow us on our journey...
April 29, 2019 — Melissa Dodge